VISIONIC Wireless Motion Detector ( Digital PIR )

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VISIONIC Wireless Motion Detector ( Digital PIR )
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Detector Type: Dual element low-noise pyroelectric sensor.
Lens Data
No. of Curtain Beams / curtains:
NEXT PLUS PIR MCW: 18 far, 18 mid, 10 close.
NEXT PLUS K9-85 MCW: 18 far, 18 mid, 18 close.
Max. Coverage: 15 x 15 m, (49 x 49 ft) / 90°
Pet Tolerance (NEXT PLUS K9-85 MCW Only): Up to 38 kg (85 lb).
Internal Battery: 3V Lithium battery, type CR-123A. For UL installations, use
Panasonic or Sanyo only.
Nominal Battery Capacity: 1450 mA/h.
Standby Current Drain: Approx. 0.025 mA.
Transmit Current Drain: 20 mA (including LED).
Battery Life (with LED on): Typically over 3 years.
Battery Power Test: Performed immediately upon battery insertion
and periodically after every several hours.


True Motion Event Verification: 2 position selector - 1 (OFF) or 2
(ON) motion events.
Alarm Period: 3 seconds.
Visual Indications:
LED Lights for about 3 seconds upon transmission of alarm &
tamper messages and upon motion detection in the walk test mode.
LED Flashes during the power-up stabilization period, or after
restoring (pressing) the tamper switch.
LED Does not light upon transmission of supervision messages.
Rearm Timer: Rearms the detector 2 minutes after the last alarm.
Timer disabled in the walk test mode – not applicable for the DD243
version (see section 1).
Frequency (MHz): 315 (U.S. version), 433.92, 868.95, 869.2625 or
other frequency according to local requirements.

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